Find yourself stranded and unsure what to do? Flustered at who to call or which towing company is the most reliable in a time of need? These are common problems amongst clients who need immediate or urgent care and aren’t sure where to turn to. To avoid these frustrations and uncertainties, you can
trust your local towing company to do the job.

About Us

Towing Palm Bay
Towing Palm Bay

At Palm Bay Towing Company, we’re more than the city’s trusted towers, we’re your friends! In times of need, you shouldn’t be struggling on who to call or worried about how you’ll get your car troubles solved. With our professional towing services and roadside assistance, we take care of the hard work for you. If you’re in a crisis or your car’s recently broke down somewhere unknown, give us a call so we can bring our services straight to you. We’ve combined our knowledge for car care with our expertise in towing to deliver a range of car products that can help you out when they’re needed most.

Our Services

Our towing and wrecker services have been designed with you in mind. We’ve composed a list of our most commonly-requested services and built them into the practices that help us serve the Palm Bay area. Anything from standard tow services to roadside assistance to even parking enforcement, we’re the ones that can give you what you want and at a low price. If you find yourself in need of car services or stranded without someone to call for help, don’t hesitate to give us a ring – we’re no stranger to such scenarios! In fact, we even operate a 24-hour service line catered to those clients who are in need of services after hours.

Tow Service

Standard tow service consists of the relocation of vehicles locally. This is usually done at the request of local authorities, vehicle owners, or in the aftermath of a collision when a vehicle is no longer road safe. We have a large fleet of tow trucks that are equipped with the capacity to tow almost any vehicle. If you’ve got a towing project for us and are unsure if we can take it on, give us a call and ask! Chances are, we most likely can!


Roadside Assistance

Flat tire got you stressing? Dead battery got you stuck? Don’t worry! With our roadside assistance services, we can easily resolve any of these issues and quickly. In our team alone, we have several technicians that specialize in car repairs for such cases and are on call to answer any urgent requests to do so. Because of this, we’ve got the advantage when answering your inquiries for immediate service and will be there as soon as possible to get your car checked out.

“After a collision, I wasn’t sure who to call but luckily I came across Palm Bay Towing Company. They were extremely helpful and responsive during my time of need when I was both frustrated and anxious. They took care of my car (and me) during a difficult time. Thank you Palm Bay Towing Company!” – Melissa R

Wrecker Service

Wrecker services consist of car care and vehicle-related tasks that help keep both you and your vehicle in prime condition. Need an oil change at a bad time or got your motorbike stuck in a ditch? All of these are covered under our umbrella of wrecker services that help keep our clients secure and the Palm Bay roads safe.

Flat Bed Service

Did you know that the type of truck your vehicle is towed with makes a different in its safety and protection? If you didn’t, you will now! Flat bed towing trucks are the desired trucks (and our personal favorite) when it comes to towing multiple vehicles at once, along with motorbikes or delicate, novelty vehicles. Because of the space and security flat bed tow trucks offer, they’re able to protect vehicles from roadside damage by elevating them above parallel traffic.

“If you’re in need of an emergency flat tire, Palm Bay Towing Company are the ones for you! They were able to help me at odd hours when I was in an unfamiliar location. They quickly arrived on site, change my tire, and got me back on the road safely. Very reliable team of towing experts!” – Clifton G

Towing Service

Heavy Duty Towing

From time to time, we get calls from clients that ask if we’re able to tow larger vehicles such as vans, trucks, trailers, and carts, and the answer always is: of course! We’ve accommodated the need for larger, heavy duty towing by incorporating safety measures that help secure the heavier vehicles during transportation. We also have particular standards we follow when transporting heavy duty vehicles to ensure they’re kept safe.

Parking Enforcement

If you’re the operator of a private parking lot, you may have guests that try to take advantage of your extra spaces from time to time. In places where parking is scarce, such as commercial properties or in downtown areas, we assist with parking enforcement so that you can maintain control of your spaces, even when you’re not around.

“As a small business, we weren’t able to run our company and monitor parking in our parking lot simultaneously. Therefore, we hired Palm Bay Towing Company to do the job for us. They were able to help us design and enforce parking initiatives that kept unauthorized cars away from our dedicated spaces. This really helped our team members get to work easier and we were able to focus on our own job! Thanks Palm Bay Towing Company!” – Arnold 

Contact Us For Our Assistance

As mentioned before, we do our best to keep our services and staff available for on-call, immediate services in case of emergencies or urgent response. If you’re looking to contact us outside of our normal office hours, you can do so by calling the emergency hotline number. For general inquiries or questions about our services, we encourage you to give us a call during the week or write us an email by completing the contact form on our homepage.