​Flat Bed Service

flat-bed car transport

Flat bed towing services are the premier towing services and truck fleets favored by professional towers. Due to the shape and comfort that flat bed tow trucks are able to offer, they work well in transporting multiple vehicles safely and securely. They’re able to offer open space that allows it to accommodate to varying sizes of vehicles, but gives them all the same stability and security during transportation. Towers also appreciate flat bed towing systems since the vehicles being towed will often not have to interfere with traffic during the movement of the vehicles from location to location.
The process of flat bed towing is rather simple and include putting the vehicle into its appropriate gear so that it does not shift or move during transportation. Once it has been placed in a neutral gear, the tires on the vehicle will remain locked so that the vehicle can only move in particular directions. This remains helpful when towing on a flat bed that will see multiple vehicles at once, as it ensures that cars to do not shift around or roll up and down during movement. Once set into gear, the vehicles are then strapped and secured into place, before being checked one more time prior to departure.
Motorbike Towing
To begin, we first prepare the bike by assessing its current state when being handed over to us to ensure there are no marks, dents, or scratches in our care. We then row it onto the flat bed using a ramp that helps bolster it onto the bed. Using a strong harness, we secure the bike in place and secure all corners of the bike using placement straps and buckles. We’ll then double check its security before beginning the driving journey. This method of transporting motorbikes is also acceptable for more than one bike at a time as we use the same techniques and secure the bikes into their straps, next to each other.
Multiple Vehicle Towing
Have a shipment of vehicles that need to be moved together? With our fleet of flat bed towing trucks, we’re able to move multiple vehicles at a time. We do this by lifting each vehicle onto our flat bed using a ramp and towing chains. Once lifted into the appropriate space, we then secure the vehicles in place and line them up accordingly. Multiple vehicle towing, also considered heavy duty towing, is best done with a large flat bed that can hold each vehicle.
What makes our flat bed towing fleet desirable is its guaranteed security to each vehicle. The flat bed works as a cushion that holds the vehicles in place during transportation. Once the vehicles have been loaded onto the flat bed, they are then secured using straps, buckles, and chains to make sure they do not shift or move during the drive. Because of this, clients can appreciate the pristine condition that their vehicle arrives in with flat bed tow trucks.

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