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towing parking violators

Have a private parking lot that you are not sure how to keep secure? With parking enforcement, you can regulate the number of visitors that utilize your parking spaces and who follows the posted rules according to your lot. Without parking enforcement, your parking lot runs the risk of rogue visitors who may leave their cars illegally parked for extended periods of time.

Parking Meters
Parking meters are a great way to ensure that your parking spaces are kept up with care. Parking meters help discipline visitors that want to park in your private spaces from tarnishing or damaging the spaces while there. The funds received from charging visitors to park in your spaces can help pay for regular maintenance, as well as keeping your visitors moving so that one does not hire the space for longer than needed. Parking meters can also help keep track of your visitors during peak hours.

Regular Checks
Palm Bay Towing Company can help you maintain order in your parking lot by conducting regular checks on visitors’ vehicles. Checks include ensuring that each visitor has paid for parking for the allocated amount of time, that each car has a parking ticket valid for the day of parking, cars are not illegally parked and do not take up unnecessary space, and that cars do not overstay their time beyond what they have paid for. Regular checks help regulate the amount of traffic you have in your parking lot daily.

While we help to initially establish parking lot rules that are fit for you, we can also help enforce them with fines and towing measures. For repeat offenders that fail to respect your parking rules, towing may be necessary to ensure that they do not break the rules continually. We often recommend giving small fines to those that overstay their meter payments, but would encourage towing measures to those that fail to pay for parking altogether. Before doing so, it is suggested to have your parking lot rules posted clearly for all to see, so that visitors know and are aware of the potential risks if they fail to pay or follow the rules.

If offenders have failed to follow your rules and must be towed, we assist with our flat bed towing services. We will arrive on site within minutes of your call to tow the car away immediately. To avoid damage or contact with other cars in the area, we use towing techniques that allow for us to take the car away from the scene. We will leave a notice with you that the car’s been towed and information for the owner to retrieve it. Towing illegally parked cars typically takes no time at all, so do not hesitate to contact us if you need a car removed. Once you have called, we will tow the car away and open up the space for a new visitor who can pay to be parked in the spot.

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