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Roadside assistance is one of the many beneficial and convenient services that we offer at Palm Bay Towing Company. Sometimes accidents and car troubles can’t be avoided, so we take the pressure off by offering up our services delivered straight to you in a time of crisis. Whether you’ve run out of gas on the highway or simply need some more air in your tires, we can assist with both – at all hours throughout the day.

Flat Tire Help
Have you ever run over something and instantly felt it penetrating into your tire? We understand! Getting a flat tire can be irritating and even more so if you’re not sure how to change it. We arrive on site to help with flat tires that have been cut or punctured while driving. Many minor damages are able to heal with patching techniques that allow you drive on the incision for a short period of time. If your tire has suffered more severe damage than a patch repair can fix, you may need a spare tire altogether. If you keep one on hand, we can help install it or bring one to assist you with.

Ran Out of Gas
If you’ve ever run out of gas at the most inconvenient of times or just thought you’d be able to make it a little further than you actually did, we can help deliver some gas to get you back on the road. We offer gas delivery to your location and can even fill up your tank for you! Premium, leaded, or unleaded gasoline? We’ve got them all – just ask!

24/7 Assistance
We understand that most car accidents and incidents are unplanned and can’t be timed. Therefore, we’ve set out to offer 24/7 roadside assistance that helps make the stress less overwhelming. If you have a car problem that occurs at odd hours or if you’re stranded in an unknown location and need immediate services, we’re able to assist at all hours of the day or night. With our 24/7 assistance, customers have come to rely on our trusted services, regardless of the time.

Battery Service
A common problem that occurs amongst drivers is a dying or dead car battery. If you’ve found that your car is moving slower than usual, struggling to make turns or won’t start when you’ve attempted several times, it is likely due to to a dead battery. The car battery’s energy can die out for a number of reasons, typically from car functions being left on while the car is stationary, such as leaving a spot light on when the car is turned off. Regardless of the cause, we’re able to offer our battery repair services on site to get you back on the road safely. Most of the time, clients benefit from cable jumping their car to kick-start their battery. This allows you to operate your car normally for some time, as your running engine helps your battery to fully charge again.

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