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tow service

Tow services include the moving and relocation of vehicles from one location to another. At Palm Bay Towing Company, our approach to towing is dependent on maintaining the quality and integrity of the vehicles that we tow. Towing should, in no way, further harm, damage, or dismantle a vehicle, and should be done with adequate care and precision. With our towing services, you can be on your way safe and sound and in no time.

Types of Towing Services
There are numerous types of towing services that are available at your disposal. Some of these towing services include collision towing, illegally parked car towing, recovery towing, impounding and repossession, and even special vehicle towing. The type of towing service you need will likely depend on your situation and the type of vehicle you have to be towed. For larger vehicles, motorbikes, or even commercial vehicles such as buses or trailers, we will enlist the help of our flat bed towing trucks to easily and readily move your vehicles from location to location.

In the event that your car becomes stranded, abandoned, or broken down, recovery towing services area available to help retrieve it. This often occurs in areas where one was not able to instantly have their broken vehicle towed so it was left on the side of a public road, or in cases of where junk/abandoned cars need removing. Recovery is down by using one of our heavy weight towing trucks to maneuver the car from its location and relocate it to safety.

We work with local authorities to impound vehicles on the city’s behalf. When vehicle impounding does occur, we legally remove the car from one sight to a holding facility at the request of local authorities. At the holding facility, we will manage the vehicle properly until its owner is able to reclaim and pay the impounding fee. If the owner is unable to do so after an extended period of time, we will strip the car of salvageable metals for resale or resale the vehicle altogether. Many vehicles become the victim of impounding due to unpaid parking violations, or for other purposes.

When an individual is late on car payments or fails to retain their rights to a vehicle, many companies will request repossession of the vehicle. We work with insurance agencies, dealerships, and other organizations to aid in the repossession of vehicles that have fallen short on payment and are to be removed from the acting owner. To assist in the process, we follow regulations to ensure that repossession of the vehicle in question is legal and sound before carrying out the process. Once we have been able to tow the vehicle and replace its care back into that of the operating company, the acting owner can settle the suit with the company directly. Acting owners of vehicles that have been repossessed are in charge of paying the towing fees and delayed payments regarding the vehicle.

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